Saturday, April 25, 2009

Large Mulching Job

Ceillo, Fabio, Rich and I went to a property located in Wellesley Hills, to mulch today. We are using a dark brown, pine mulch.

While, the guys started the mulching, I had a few things to work on before they mulched certain beds.

First, I had to trim back some roses, in the rose garden out back. It was not done, during the spring cleanup, as Rob, wanted to talk to the nursery, where he purchased them, to make sure we trimmed them correctly.

Next, I had to go to the perennial rock garden and do some weeding before I sprayed "Round up" to kill off the small emerging weeds. This area was problematic last year and we wanted to get a good start this year at controlling them. It is to the left, of the beautiful weeping cherry, that you see in the picture on the left.


  1. My husband would be so jealous. He has a weird affection for mulch.

  2. I would love to mulch the flower beds but the landlord said not to add anything to the yard. The only concession I got was for one of the flower beds that's almost dead any way :P

  3. the weeping cherry is indeed very beautiful.

  4. I am curious will round up hurt the other vegetation, and is it safe for the environment? I hate picking weeds, it is so tedious.

  5. I love the weeping cherry tree. I don't think I have ever seen one before.