Friday, October 9, 2009

Late season Flowers

I noticed these flowers when the guys were mowing and weed whacking. Most of the flowers have faded, so it was a surprise to find these guys. The pansy is next to the driveway, and must have planted itself, the warm pavement must be keeping it warm enough to survive. the blue flower was planted in an area next to the driveway also, again it must be the warmth of the driveway pavement that is keeping it in bloom.

It seems like the season is coming to a very quick end this year. For the past month the leaves have been yellowish and faded. Now that the colors are coming out, they too are not as bright as usual. It seems to be cooling off much earlier than the past few years, when we had extended growing seasons. Oh well, it all seems to average out over the long term, maybe it was all due to the cool and wet season we had this year.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Helping out the mowing Crew

Due to some upcoming rain for the next 2 days I had to take Fabio and Guillerme out on a mowing route to help out the other crew. We had to get the complete route done for the week today so both crews were in action.

Fabio is on the Stander 52 inch mower while Guillerme is using the weed whacker to do some late season trimming. The season is winding down and there is not that much left to weed whack but we want the walks and driveways to look nice and neat.

The pictures are of a property in Southborough, that is in direct sun for most of the day and the lawn just keeps growing like crazy. Luckily Fabio gets it done with one pass of the mower, usually it takes 2 passes.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Overseeding a Soccer Field

Today, I went with Guillerme to fertilize over seed and spray broad leaf weeds at college we take care of.

Guillerme was going to go and re-visit areas that we had just sprayed for broad leaf weeds a week ago and spray again. Sometimes the broad leaf, especially the ground ivy and clover need a couple of applications to knock them out. He went around on foot with a back pack sprayer and re-sprayed. There are 2 soccer fields, covering one large playing area and while Guillerme was off doing his spraying I used the Permagreen power spreader. It is a lot easier to use the power spreader when you have a large area to cover. I have to apply 500 pounds of fertilizer to both soccer fields and after that over seed 350 pounds of Lesco "Park and Athletic" grass seed.

The year is winding down, as far as growing grass from seed and this was the last chance to get some grass up and going before the cold weather sets in. The Park and Athletic has a good mix of 33% Perennial Rye grass, 33% Kentucky Bluegrass and 33% Red Fescue. Its a little chilly for the bluegrass, so we are hoping for some warm sunny days to heat up the turf area. The Rye grass and Fescue like the cooler weather so there will be no problem with them. the blue grass will come up and the rest will be in the ground ready to go come those warm spring days next year.