Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rain again..........

Wednesday, as soon as I got up and looked out it, was raining again, this time I called Rob and asked if we were going to be working, no need to spend all that time driving and also, spending on the gas and it was his decision to not work. The reason for all of this is due to the economic condition's we are in now, in past years we would have been working.

Thursday, Guillerme and I are off to get some fungicide, at the John Deere/LESCO distributor in Marlborough. We will be applying this to a lawn latter in the day. But we start off in Southborough at Rob's house as he wanted us to spray round up on his crushed stone driveway, there is always weeds in it. The picture on the left is of Rob's pool that I did all of the brick masonry a few years ago.

We, then went to quite a few properties, to spray for different bugs, that were attacking bushes, roses and trees. The customers had noticed these and requested that they be erradicated. The place we went to around noon time to put down the fungicide on the red thread fungus, in the yard is pictured on the right. It is a tough lawn to work on as it has a very high water table and is always having some kind of problem wth the lawn. Grass just does not like growing, in those conditions and as I have been mentioning in the post's it has been raining more than usual here. the weatherman put a chart up showing that we have had 22 days of below temperatures and the last 16 have had some sort of persipitation. Very unusuall weather for this neck of the woods.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Babson project

Today, I went with Guillerme and Rich to work on a project for Babson College, by one of the dormitories. It was a large brick building and on the backside of the building was an entrance area that had just gotten old in appearance and function. This happens quite a bit in landscaping, bushes and trees outgrow the area the have been in after awhile and we have to remove the old and plant some new to freshen up the appearance of the area.

The first thing we did was to remove about 18 old Juniper bushes, that were planted in the front of some PJM's. We first cut off all of the branches, then used a chainsaw to cut the stumps down a bit, leaving about 6 inches above ground. Guillerme and Rich then dug up the stump's. We loaded all of this onto a dump truck and Rich took off to dump the brush at a place in Framingham, where we can dump stuff and he also brought back 2 yards of very wet loam. The place in Framingham, recycles brush into mulch, any composted material is turned into compost, nothing much is left for dumps, it is always recycled, even the pavement, concrete, blue stone, brick and pallets, that we return there.

Rich made 2 more trips to that place, in Framingham, for a total of 6 yards of loam, which for the most part Guillerme and I spread in the area's that will be planted with Rhody,s 40 or so Stella Dora Lilly's, some hosta's and assorted plants to fill in the new area. I thought I was going to come back the next day and would take picture's of the completed project but it rained the next day.

So I will leave you with some more pictures of flowers. A pink Mountain Laurel and a very red geranium.

Monday, June 22, 2009

More Rain, this is getting depressing.....

Well it is raining again today, so I went in to the shop first thing this morning to do some maintenance on the PERMAGREEN spreader, it was in desperate need of it, because of it being used for more than 40 hours and it was all done in moist conditions and of course Guillerme, flipped it over twice. No one was at the shop except Rob, and he made the decision that there would be no work for the day. So, it was back to my place to work on my home business. I had some CRAVE energy drink, so I would have plenty of energy. When I got home, I worked for about 8 hours straight, which is a good thing, I needed to get caught up on some Computer work.

So for my pictures for today, I am leaving you with some White Astillbe, Pink Mountain Laurel and a beautiful red/pink/yellow flower.