Friday, March 13, 2009

Lot's of Landscape pics

Well, I went down to the shop and copied 2 cd disk's worth of pictures, to add to this post. Rob, my boss has a great collection, he is much better at taking pics than I am and he also has a great new camera.

Talked to Rob, about business for the upcoming season and he feels that the economy is going to continue to be a problem this year. I told him to stop watching the news on TV and to stop reading the Boston Globe, which he does everyday. If all of us would do that this "recession/depression" thing would be over quickly. I learned that in the Network Marketing group that is mentoring me on my home based business. So people stop watching the news, it is creating thoughts in your mind and eventually will become true. This is a great time for home business, it has never been growing so rapidly as now.

Looks like we will not be starting the landscape season for another 2 weeks. The ponds are still frozen and there is snow in the forests and the side of the road. So its time for me to take my vitamins and get a healthy body before the season starts. During this past winter, I have been dieting by eating "diet cookies" and have lost about 7 pounds so far. I should lose some more once winter hibernation is over and I get out and moving around more.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Trip to the "Shop"

I went to the "shop" today to see my boss, Rob. As, I mentioned earlier he has a lot of digital pictures of our projects and some great pictures of some flowers, that I want to add to this post, from time to time. Also, just to chat with him, to see what was in store for this season and if there are any new customers or if there are any landscape design, projects ready to go.

I stopped at a convenience store and by the door there is a mulched bed and about a dozen daffodils, had popped up and were about 6 inches high. Must be the warmth of the building that got them going so early. The next sign of spring I noticed was a "pussy willow" that had budded out and then I noticed, a lot of the buds on the deciduos trees, were filling out and getting that, red tinge, to them. Here in Massachusetts, the leaves do not come out until the end of April and the beginning of May. But it is another sign, that winter is almost over.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A quick melting

After having a week of 50F degree days and a weekend of 60F degrees, the 6-7 inches of snow from last weeks storm melted away. Spring fever hit and everyone was out walking around, without jackets, jogging, walking, riding bikes and skateboarding. The kids were all out running around, playing and having a great time, getting rid of that energy, that they have been storing all winter. I also saw quite a few bugs, fly by. Spring was in the air and everyone was out enjoying it.

Can the start of landscape season, be far away? Spring time in Massachusetts is always "tricky", so we just have to wait and see. Its time to get ready for the busiest part of the Landscape season. This is a time when I get my boots ready by spraying them with a silicon spray to waterproof them. Having wet cold feet when you are out working is not fun. I also lift some weights and go for some walks so that my body is in better shape. Time to get ready....

It was also time to set the clocks back. I don't understand why we continue doing this and it takes me awhile to readjust to the new time.