Thursday, July 9, 2009

Finish one condo and off to the next one.

We went back to the condo complex in Medfield and started to work on our trim job there. The lady who is in charge wanted all of the bushes to be hand trimmed instead of using the power shears as we had done last year. She did not like that "lolli pop" look. So I ended up having to hand clipp all of the ornamentals. This is a good way to trim, but in a few years, the bushes will have out grown the area they are now in. The custome is always right, in these cases.

Guillerme, Wagner and I finished up the condo complex in Medfield around 2:30 PM and headed over to our next Condo Complex in Millis. This complex will take the 3 of us 2 1/2 to 3 days to finish weeding and trimming. The picture was taken this spring and is showing one, of the seven units that we will be trimming.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finish the job in Dover and off to a Condo to trim

The flower picture on the left, is a "Lace wing Hydrangea", which I like, more than the "pom-pom type", which most people associate with hydrangeas. To me this it is, a more eloquent, variety.

We finished up the trimming in Dover around 2 PM and headed over to a small Condominium in Medfield, that was close by. We only had time to do some weeding and up branching of the trees on the perimeter of the parking area before we had another very strong thunder storm, which ended our day around 4 PM.

We were lucky we only had thunder, lightening and heavy rains, the other crew was experiencing hail the size of dimes. At on point they had to pull over it, because the hail was coming down so hard. On my way home I drove through that area and it had hailed so much it looked like it had just snowed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We are now officially, in Trimming Season

The trimming season has now started for us. We try to wait, until the ornamental's have pushed out, the "new growth" for the season and for the flowering to have stopped, before we start trimming. As I mentioned in an earlier post sometimes people want this done early.

I went with Guillerme and Wagner to a property in Dover, Massachusetts, to start the trimming. First, we go through all of the beds and do the weeding and rake that all out. I have found this to be a much easier way to do the job, instead of doing the trimming first.

Guillerme will be doing any of the shearing and I will be doing the hand clipping and "up branching" of the trees on the perimeter of the property and any that are on the inside as well. Wagner for the most part will be doing the "picking up" of all of the weed and trim debris. At this property we have a compost area, in the woods that we can use, instead of putting it in the truck and hauling it away for a fee.

We experienced another day of, off and on rain showers and then around 4 PM, a thunder storm came and ended our day.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Finish weed Job, Cut down some Ivy and Start a Trim Job

The picture on the left, was taken by Rob, who went up on some scaffolding a few years back when we did a lot of work at this property. I made the blue stone, walkway in the "Rose Garden" at that time. This is the same property that had the deer in it last week. In the upper left hand corner you can see the man made fish pond, that has a water fall, but it is hidden by the Blue Spruce.

Any way's, Guillerme and Wagner came with me today and we had to finish weeding the back part of this property, which took us until around 3 PM.

After, that we went to a property a few streets away ( pictured on the right, which I also did the bluestone patio a few years ago ) and trimmed the ivy from around the doorways and windows. The lady who owns the property was home and explained to me that she dislikes the Ivy and would like to see it all removed but her husband, loves it and even planted some new Ivy when she wasn't looking. So we did our best to make both of them happy and next year, they will have to make a decision on the Ivy staying or going................hmmmmm.........wonder who will win that one?

We finished up the day at another home, where we only had time to hand trim a few bushes. I need a new "Trimming Ladder", to get all of the large Burning Bush on the property and I think this year, Rob will finally allow me to get on. I have only been asking for this ladder for about 3 years.