Saturday, August 29, 2009

Mowing before storm

A hurricane named Danny is predicted to come close enough to Massachusetts that we will be experiencing heavy rain on Saturday and Sunday.
So Rob, has decided that he wants a second mowing crew to go out and finish up all of the mowing for the week by Friday.

I have not gone on a mowing route in many many years and it was like being in a time warp all day.
I used this day to train Guillerme on using both of the mowing machines we had with us. A walk behind hydro 36 inch mower and a hydro 52 inch stand on mower. Fabio, who was also with us was already familiar with both machines.

It ended up being a fun day, where I could share stories with the guys about how it was when I first started and all of the mowing machines were walk behind and were belt driven. We were finished around 4:40 and went back to the shop and the guys washed the trucks and mowers
before the rain came in.

The picture above is of what the sky looked like at 4:00 pm from the last house we mowed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Babson ready for the start of the year

We went to Babson College today to continue with the weeding of area's that had been neglected during the year so the college would look its best when the fall semester begins this weekend.

Guillerme, Fabio, Ceillo, Rob and I went from building to building weeding and cleaning up the areas close to the buildings and parking lot areas.

Some of the kids had already arrived and you could feel the buzz starting to grow on campus. It is fun being here although it is very warm and humid this week.

The picture is of the entrance with the "mums" that were planted last year. The nurseries and store's seem to get the mums in earlier and earlier every year. We remove annuals that were planted in the spring and can not tolerate the colder temperature that will be arriving soon and plant mums, which are hardier.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back from my Vacation

I am back from a week off, which I needed. I have found that a week off during the summer refreshes my attitude, work and gets me ready for the colder part of the season. We use a large part of our energy doing our work and when it gets colder our bodies start to use more and more of that energy. So this was a very beneficial break for me.

It is hard for me to come up with current pic's to add to the post as the season is winding down and most of the flowers are no longer in full bloom and are rather dull looking.

When I came back I had to finish the feritlizer route, which Guillerme and I worked on before I left. I finished up the 4 properties on the route and then went to Babson College to meet up with Rob and the guys. The had spent the entire week while I was gone, getting the college ready for the fall semester.