Friday, July 17, 2009

Needham trim job

Today Wagner decided he would come and join us at work today and we all went to a property in Needham. The picture in the upper left is of the home. The other 2 pictures are of some blue hydrangea's, that the owner takes good care off with a application of Holly Tone every week. This year the flowers are just brilliant and very large compared to the others we see as we drive around.

This trim project takes all day even though it is a small property, which surprised Guillerme, who thought we would be done early. There is a lot of hand clipping that has to be done. The owner just loves his yard and plants ornamental bushes were ever he can, he is really "into"his landscape. He is also a very nice guy and always wants to give us water and best of all, he is always walking by complimenting the guys on the great job they are doing. He really appreciates our work.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 Trim jobs, no Wagner

The picture on the right is the last home we worked on, This is a property were we had done the complete installation many, many years ago. Now the bushes have grown so much it is time to think about moving some around to give the others some air and room to expand. The picture on the right is of a yellow, Coreopsis Flower.

Wagner was a no show this morning, as had, had a nose bleed yesterday and when he was playing soccer last night it started to bleed again. So he decided to give it a rest for a day with some ice on it. That left Guillerme and I to work on 3 trim projects today. They are all smaller properties and they are all close to each other in Wellesley.

Guillerme and I worked until 6 PM and did manage to get them all done. I did have a CRAVE energy drink which gave me more than enough energy to finish the day. I am really enjoying having those to make it through the day, I just need that energy boost. CRAVE allows me to get a good night's sleep. I used to drink an afternoon coffee, but then I would pay for it by not being able to sleep at night.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sherborn Trim job- and the Police visit us

We went to a home in Sherborn, Massachusetts today to do a trim and weed job. We had worked at installing all of the bushes, trees, sod and blue stone patio quite a few years ago and that is when these pictures were taken. Most all of the plantings are at least twice a high and a lot fuller.

Wagner came up to me when Guillerme and I were in the back of the property and asked me to come and help one of the ladies who was cleaning the home. As I walked around to the front of the home the police arrived. They asked me what was going on and I explained that I did not know, but then Wagner told us that the cleaning lady had used some kind of chemical to clean the rugs and it had set off the alarm. A few minutes later the fire engine cam down the road but was waved off by the police.

We went back to work, after all of the excitement and the man who owns the property, showed up, about an hour latter, after he had been called at work. He at least knows, now, that his alarm system, does in fact work the way it is supposed too.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Condo Trim Job

Today, I am with Guillerme and Wagner doing a big 3 day trim job at a condo complex in Millis, Massachusetts. The picture above on the left, is just part of the complex, after it was trimmed and the other picture, is of a cone flower, with a Bee getting some nectar.

This is a good project for Guillerme to work on as it has many different varieties of shrubs for him to practice his shearing skills on. We tackle this project one building at a time. We weed all of the beds first, rake them out and then do all of the hand clipping and the shearing of the shrubs. Doing it this way makes it easier to clean up and is a lot easier on Wagner who is doing the majority of the clean up work.

This will take us a total of 3 days to complete, but it is well worth it, as we get a lot of compliments from the ladies who live there. That is what is so great about landscaping, making customers happy with your work.