Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sod and overseed at Babson College property.

I had a new kid helping me today, Guillerme, at the Babson College property that is used by the President of the college.

We are going to be sodding an area along the front driveway, along the back driveway and the section between the 2 perenial beds which you can see in the pic at the left. We will also be spreading loam and seed behind the perenial gardens.

Hopefully this seed will be up and growing by May 15th. That is, when the graduation party is held, at this home. There will be a large outdoor tent, put over the blue stone patio area, for refreshments for the graduating class. This is a yearly project for us.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Large Mulching project in Sherborn

Today, I am with Rich and Guillerme putting down a large amount of mulch on a property that the other crew had been doing a lot of planting on. this property is in Sherborn and last year the owner was rehabbing the house. they had a circular driveway installed and a new planting was done in the bed on the inside of the driveway. (picture, is from last summer)

We will be using a dark brown pine bark mulch and it ended up that we used 37 yards of mulch here. It was a rainy cool day and my back acted up again, and again my SUNJING came to the rescue. It was a lot of work and we finished up around 5:30 PM.

There is more work to be done here by the other crew, a lawn area has to be loamed and seeded next week.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Southborough property finished up

Well we had to come back and finish up the property in Southboro to day. Rich helped me to put another 2 yards of loam down and seed it and roll it. We were finally finished with this project, sometimes it is easier to keep up with the yard maintenance on a yearly basis as opposed to bi-yearly.

I take Rich over to 2 more properties in Southborough, where he over seeds one and fertilizes the other. The last property for the day, is one that has large snowplow damaged that needs to be loamed and seeded. This will take us the rest of the day. My back started to act up again so I was happy that I had my Sunjing with me to apply to it. And lke magic the pain was gone in a few minutes, can't say enough about this fabulous product. I decided to start advertising here on my blog so other people can try it out.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Southborough cleanup continued......

Today, I am back at the property in Southborough, but this time there is only Rich with me. Rich will be mulching, while I repair some bricks that were torn up by the plows during the winter. I will also be trimming the Crabapple tree's in the front of the property and "tipping" back the White Pines going up the driveway.

(pic is close up of weeping cherry)

Once I am finished, I will leave Rich to continue mulching and go to Framingham to pick up 2 yards of loam, so that we can fill in the area's damaged by the snow plows this winter. We will be putting down some seed also. What we are using to day is Shade Seed from Lesco. It is comprised of; 44.2% Lacrosse Chewing Fescue, 34.65% FoxFire Creeping, 9.92% Shamrock Kentucky Bluegrass and 9.88% Gotham Hard Fescue.

Hopefully the owner will water this in every day so that she has a chance of seeing some growth before the house is put up for sale. Still kinda cool around here, though. We ended up not having enough to finish the job and will return once again, tomorrow to finsh this project.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Soutborough property going on the Market

I am with a different crew today, the crew that does the mowing, which starts tomorrow. We are at a property in Southborough, that is going to be put up for sale the first week in May. We will be doing a major clean up here, as not much was done to the property last year and the owner wants it to look nice for prospective buyers.

First we will be cleaning up the yard, by blowing off all of the debris from the past winter. Next the other guys will be raking out the beds and edging them. While they are doing that I will be trimming all of the bushes and trees.

We will start to mulch the property today, but we only brought 6 yards of mulch with us and that is not enough to finish the job. This will take us all day to accomplish. I will return on Tuesday to finish the job. The property is the one in the picture.