Monday, April 27, 2009

Soutborough property going on the Market

I am with a different crew today, the crew that does the mowing, which starts tomorrow. We are at a property in Southborough, that is going to be put up for sale the first week in May. We will be doing a major clean up here, as not much was done to the property last year and the owner wants it to look nice for prospective buyers.

First we will be cleaning up the yard, by blowing off all of the debris from the past winter. Next the other guys will be raking out the beds and edging them. While they are doing that I will be trimming all of the bushes and trees.

We will start to mulch the property today, but we only brought 6 yards of mulch with us and that is not enough to finish the job. This will take us all day to accomplish. I will return on Tuesday to finish the job. The property is the one in the picture.


  1. wow, it's even pretty already. can't wait to see your finished product,lol!

  2. What a beautiful home. I am sure it will be even better when you are finished.

  3. Wow - that's my first impression - and when will you come to help me with my yard?????