Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Magnolia Tree and Mulching

Rich and Rodrigo and Wagner, came with me today to mulch the property, that is used by the President of Olin College. It will take us all day to mulch, as it has a large amount of mulched beds. We used over 2 dump trucks full of "brown pine mulch"

The President's wife, had purchased a new "Virginia" Dogwood tree that she wanted us to plant. You can see Rich and Rodrigo digging the hole for it in the picture on the left.
The Healthy Start Fertilizer, is in the orange bucket and organic "blue mussel" compost is in the white bag next to it. She wants the tree to get off to a good start. She chose this particular variety because of it's late season blooming characteristic.

The President's wife is a sweetheart and always gets us coffee and something to eat from Dunkin Donuts. We reeally appreciate a treat like this on a very cool spring day. We were able to complete the whole job before it started to rain again.

I was glad to be going home a bit early today because it allowed me the time to go hame and shower, and change clothes. I had to go to a Network Marketing workshop in Marlboro, at 7 PM. It was given by Tom "Big Al" Scheiter. He is the Chairman of the Network Marketing Company, I work for.


  1. I love Magnolia trees, mine is full of blooms right now.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    This one blooms later in the season and that is why the customer chose it. To avoid those late season frosts, that might damage the flowers.