Friday, April 24, 2009

Wellesley Spring Clean ups

Rich, Rodrigo and I went to do 2 more cleanups in Wellesley, today. On this road we have 4 customers. Last year we had 6 but due to the economic conditions of today, 2 have decided to do the work themselves this year.

The picture on the left, is a home where we redid the complete front yard about 10 years ago and I made the brick patio in the back yard twice. Sometime I will show a picture of it. The reason it was done twice is that, there was a concrete wall holding up the back hill and it was getting old and falling down. The owner decide she wanted to have a New England field stone wall, built in it's place. When the wall was made, the patio had to be taken up, in order for the equipment to get up on the hill to build the wall. I also made the front brick walkway as you can see.


  1. Looks nice I hope you post the pictures of the patio you made too :D

  2. Hi April,

    You can see part of the back patio in a pic on a post I did on Sunday March 29,2009. I will try to work in a better picture in a future post.


  3. wow, i admire the great job you are doing to beautify our Earth and make it greener. i love your work, and your design.