Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring Cleanups continue

Rodrigo, Rich and I went to continue with spring cleanups and mulching in Wellesley. The first property we went to was new for me and was not sure what to expect. The owner met us as we arrived and he walked me around to show me what he wanted done.

He was very nice and even made us coffee and some egg and cheese sandwich's for our morning break. It is always a welcomed treat when a customer does that for us. We work a bit harder for them. It is a small property with a lot of beds to be cleaned out and edged before we mulch it with "red" pine mulch. After we are finished here around 2 PM, we are off to clean up 2 more properties in Wellesley.


  1. love those sprouts of green, you always choose a good picture to illustrate how your landscaping went. it's nice you have been given a treat, a nice and friendly welcome always add motivation and inspiration to our work.

  2. So cool that your client made you breakfast. ;) Nice picture.

  3. That is so great that your client brought you a treat. I will have to remember that when people help us fixing things around our house.