Monday, May 18, 2009

Soutborough Cleanup and Mulch

Today, we are doing a clean up at a property in Southborough, Massachusetts. The owner was not pleased with the work done last year, by another crew of ours and requested that I, come and do the clean up this year.

Rich and Guillerme are assisting me with this clean up. We also have to put down loam and seed the damaged lawn areas from the snowplows. The owners have us come once a year, for the cleanup and also to do the trimming/pruning of the bushes. Usually we do not do any pruning until the bushes have pushed out their new growth for the season and the flowering has stopped for the year.

Going up the very long driveway, in the picture above, you only see a small portion of it, we have to apply Round Up to the weeds in the mulch bed. We are going to apply the Round Up twice as we will not finish this project today. We only brought one truck load of mulch and this property requires two loads.


  1. what a very peaceful place. looks so quiet, and beautiful.

  2. I love old farmhouses. It looks like a lot of yard to take care of. Don't work too hard.

  3. i love the serenity of this place. wow. good for you that the owner still got your team despite his disappointment with last year's crew. good luck on this project!

  4. @ betchai, yes it is very peaceful there and very quiet. Thanks for the info on your camera, I will have to check that one out, thanks again.

    @ Laura, I love old farmhouses too, but this is a contemporary home, it just has a "farmers porch" around it. The other crew, mows the lawn, but it only takes them about 20 minutes.

    @ online writer, She is a long time customer, and she and I have a good relationship, which is important, she requested that I come and do the "clean up",last year. She is a wonderful lady, and I like to go the extra mile, for all of our customers.