Friday, May 22, 2009

Wild Turkey Chick's

Today, was one of those days, that you just truly love and totally enjoy, as a Landscaper. We went back to the property, we were at yesterday and to start the day off, the neighbor comes over all excited, because the Wild turkeys eggs had all hatched. 8 baby turkey chicks, were safely born. So there was a lot of activity, going on next door, I don't know who was happier, the wild turkey mom or the neighbor.

I had 3 guys with me today, because I needed extra muscle, from the young guys, to pop the White Birch trees out and then transport and transplant them in their new location. I am always amazed at what those guys can do. They had them popped out and transported and in their new holes and watered in by 10AM. These are large ( 4 foot diameter ) root balls, that are composed mostly of clay and they retain the moisture, so they are very heavy.

After that, the rest of the day consists of weeding, raking out beds and planting, all of the remaining annuals. Good thing we did the hard part of the day first, it was the second day, this year it was in the 90's.

As the afternoon comes to a close, the woman who owns the property, goes out and gets us some treats, chocolate chip cookies, brownies and oatmeal raisin cookies at a bakery in town. When she comes back, she has us all sit down, for a very nice chat, with the cookies and some soda and sparkling water. This is a great way, for us to end the day.

But it is not over, the neighbor with the turkeys, is having a hard time, the baby chicks have crawled under the fence, put up to protect them, from the mother. So, we go to the rescue and help remove the fence, to get the chicks and the mom reunited. (the picture above is just after we removed the fence). Then the woman, we are working for, and Rob come over to see the new baby chicks and it becomes a very happy, social activity in the neighborhood.

These are the days I just love being a Landscaper, made one customer happy with our work, had some treats at the end of the day and then rescued some wild life. Could not be any better.


  1. That is so cool about the baby turkeys. And very nice that you got some treats after working so hard.

  2. what a day with the turkey family,lol. i also admire your 3 male companions. u'r lucky to have them.glad about your friendly experience on this one. =)

  3. oh, i would love to see the baby turkeys. it would be fun to observe them. again, i love your pictures. that yellow flower ( sorry, i do not know the name) really is drawing attention.

  4. Hi Betchai,

    The flower is on an Azalea bush. Usually there are red or pink, but there are some that are yellow and even orange.

  5. It is always rewarding that you got everything covered after a hard day's work, that way you are certain that you fulfilled something good for other people while getting some benefits out of your efforts. :)