Thursday, May 21, 2009

Annuals and Birch Tree's, to be moved in Wellesley

We are planting many annual flowers on this property, located in Wellesley today. We will also will be getting 4 White Birch Tree clumps, ready to be moved to a new location on the property tomorrow.

I have Rich and Guillerme, assisting me today and we first go to an area of the property, that has very old, overgrown Forsythia bushes, which are about 8 feet high and covering an area about 150 square feet. The owner wants them cut down to about 6 inches high, so that she will have new growth for next year. Also, this is an area where we will be moving 4, White Birch Tree clumps, that are about 20 feet high.

The Rhododendron's are in full bloom along with the azalea's and the perennials. We will only be planting half of the flowers today. We will also be digging out around the root balls of the 4 White Birch trees that will be moved. We want them to be loose in their holes so tomorrow we can just pop them out and move them.

The Neighbor, who is also a customer of ours, came by and told me, that she had a female wild turkey, sitting on 8 eggs and that I was to tell, all of the guys, not to disturb her, with our back pack blowers. She is very much into the animals, that visit her yard. Last year, she had a sign, telling everyone to not bother her "pet garden snake". I went over to look at the mother turkey, but it was hard to see her, as she was nestled under a Holly Tree, by her back steps. Of course there were signs and netting put up to protect her and I was not even allowed to take a picture, in case I disturbed her.


  1. The pretty soft pink flowers, what are they? The kind of look like hydrangeas.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Those are Rhododendron's in bloom, they can be white, pink, red, dark red almost purple and this year I saw a yellow one, for the first time, which I posted a picture of.It's an evergreen bush, that is very popular here in the North East.

  3. loos like you are staying busy. take a break and pick up a gift for you at my garden site. Love your blog work! Happy Friday :-) Auntie E

  4. Hi Auntie E,

    I love your blog also, and wow, thanks for the great gift. Thank you,