Saturday, May 16, 2009

Planting Impatients at the President's house

I had to go to the home that is used by the President of Olin College today to plant Inmpatient,s and about 8 new ornamental bushes. The wife of the President just loves her flowers and gardens and we go on a regular basis to do plantings for her. We enjoy doing this very much because she gets us coffee from Dunkin donuts and makes us homemade blueberry muffins for our morning break. Of course we totally enjoy this and just work that much harder for her.

First we had to remove 4 old very tired looking Yews and replace them with new bushes. One of the ornamental bushes we planted is the one, in the picture at the left. A rhododendron, with yellow blossom's, which I had never seen before. I will have to find out from her what the name
is. We also planted 6 flats of pure white Impatients all around her house.
In a few weeks we will be back to weed all of her beds and I will be able to post a picture of how it all looks for you.


  1. I love inpatients they grow so big, and beautiful, with little or no care.

  2. wow, i did not know before this plant is called inpatients, they are lovely.

  3. food is always a great motivator:-) I have two urns I need to put plants in. I like inpatients just not sure if I want those in the urn. My URL: