Saturday, May 9, 2009

More "Odds and Ends"

Friday, Rich, Guillerme and I went back to the property in Needham, where we had started the large cleanup and trim job before it rained. We finished the cleanup and trimming and finally got around to edging the beds and putting down 10 yards of brown mulch. It was not enough to finish the yard so we will be back on Saturday to finish up and then next week, we will "slice seed the entire front lawn.

Saturday, my plans changed and I had to go with Guillerme, to mow the lawn at the property that is in the above picture. (Those are the wolf tree's, I spoke about in a prior post, you can see how their size, just dwarfs the Dogwood that is in full bloom.) Rich and another guy went back to finish the mulch job.

Guillerme and I, then headed over to the home that is used by the President of Babson College. We had to mow the lawn and go through all of the beds and weed and trim so everything looked very nice for this week's activities. This is a big week at Babson, and there is going to be a large tent, in the area of the blue stone patio, which is in the first picture on the left.


  1. thank you for visiting Auntie E's Yard and Garden. I read your current Post up on your page. Sound like a enjoy Landscaping. I enjoyed reading about your projects. Put your Link in my Site Section so I can follow you.

  2. gosh, what an awesome landscape, you must be very happy always knowing you bring so much beauty to many people through your landscaping work.

  3. That sounds like mucho trabajo! Sure wish I had ten yards of mulch - dream come true. Glad that you liked my wallpaper! The property you picture in your post is gorgeous. The flagstone terrace is stunning.

  4. Its not flagstone, its Blue stone, a much nicer stone to work with and to enjoy visually. Also it is a lot more duarable. It comes in different shades of gray/blue and is about 1 1/2 inches thick.

  5. If you're only based here in the Philippines, my mom would love to hire your services (even if we only have a mini garden) :)

    Have a great day!