Thursday, May 7, 2009

Odds and Ends Day

Today it is very overcast and misting out. A lot of the guys did not show up for work today so I am off doing "odds and ends" project solo.

The first thing, I did was go to a property and remove the Deer Fence, we installed last year at a property in Holliston. We had put this up around a lot of Canadian Hemlocks, that the deer just love to munch on during the winter.

Next, I to the President of Olin College's home to reset some bricks in the side walk. They had fallen into a hole, a mouse had made over the winter.

After that, I went to a home in Holliston to remove the mold that was growing between the blue stone walkway and put in some new stone dust. You can see the picture above and you can also see the weeping cherry in the background, that I had posted pictures of earlier, but now the flowers have fallen off of it.

I called Rich at noontime and he and I went and finished up the day by starting to mulch a condominium complex in Medfield.

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