Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Trip to renew my Driver's License

Well, today it was raining in the morning, so I decided to come to work a bit late because I had to renew my drivers license. Not a fun thing to do here in Massachusetts's, but I needed to get it done before my birthday this month. I tried to do it online, but I received a message, from the RMV, that my pic was taken more than 9 years ago and needed to have a new one taken at their office.

The Registry of Motor Vehicle's used to send out a letter informing you that it was time to renew but the state no longer does this. Why? So they can charge you a fine, for not doing so. The also do not notify you any longer when your plate registration is in need of renewing.

I am finding out more and more about how the state of Massachusetts is taxing it's residents to death, raising taxes, not notifying you, going after small businesses (like landscapers) every day. I guess we are back to being TAXACHUSETTS, but now they are being very sneaky about it. The police are out in force stopping everyone, so that they can have more money for the cities and towns in Massachusetts.

The trip to the RMV, was a lot more enjoyable than my last trip. New technology has sped up the process and I was in and out in 20 minutes. I also was able to sign up to Vote, what a great trip.


  1. It is not just in your state. Lots of them are doing it. It saves them on mailing costs, they can eliminate, or consolidate a job, and they can charge ridiculous late fees. Isn't it grand

  2. TAXACHUSETTS - what a name for a state with incredible taxes! :P

    That's one thing that we've learned in our training before, that tax percentages depend on state you're in. In our country, we have to pay a standard tax rate though

    Anyway, here in the Philippines, the government also does not inform you of anything about renewing your driver's license, so there, you have to fork over a certain penalty once you missed doing it.

  3. Here in Michigan, we call it Secretary of State, and you can count on spending the day waiting in line for any service...I wonder if they will notify us..