Monday, May 11, 2009

Slice Seeding

I am going to a property in Dover, Massachusetts today with Rich and Guillerme, to aerate and "slice seed" the yard and to spread some loam down, on some weaker area's and then over seed it. This property has a large lawn area that is mostly out in the sun on one half, mostly shady on the other half and has no irrigation. There will be a large social event at the property in the fall when one of the son's gets married.

Rich will aerate the area first and then Guillerme will follow with the slice seeder. The slice seeder is a special machine that dethatches the lawn, slices the lawn with steel knives and drops seed down all in one operation. The slice seededing is done twice, in two different directions. We used 100 pounds of Sun seed and 100 pounds os shade seed. After that we used 75 pounds of starter fertilizer and used 200 pounds of regular fertilizer over the entire yard. Hopefully we will have conditions suitable to get the seed up and going before the big event. Like I said there is no irrigation system so the owners will have to water and also hope for rain.


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  2. The can have some of our rain, we have too much now, again. Weather is a funny, and fickle thing. I hope they have good luck.

  3. Sent you a msg of how to add the Link feeds to your page. let me know if you need more help.
    Heard of Seed Slicing but not sure if it works well. We have a hill would that technique work for us? It been raining a lot here.

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