Friday, April 17, 2009

Wellesley and Needham Fertilizing

Today, we will be in Wellesley and Needham fertilizing our customer's properties. We will be doing all of the off-campus properties of Babson College and Olin College.

Here is a pic of Rich, using the power spreader to take care of a Babson House. You can see that spring, has not yet come around and there are no leaves on the trees. But in about 3-4 weeks it will be a completely different view. May is my favorite time of year, all of the ornamental tree's are in full bloom, and the other deciduous trees have there new leaves out.

The cool spring time weather, has had my back aching a bit, good thing I had some SUNJING with me today. All I have to do is rub it on my lower back and in a few minutes the ache is gone, amazing stuff and it is so easy to carry around with me.

Tomorrow, we will be continuing on the fertilization route, in Dover, Holliston and Sherborn, Massachusetts. I will not be finished but close to it.


  1. The end of April, really begins the start of summer, here in the South. By the end of May you know it is summer.

  2. Wow, been a while since I've seen trees with no leaves. Here in the tropics if they have no leaves they are dead. Lovely looking property to care for. Enjoy :-)

  3. I love Spring when everything starts to green up. I noticed today that there are some leaves coming out on the trees. I went and bought some pansies today and I can't wait to plant them. It ended up being only in the 40's here and overcast so I thought I would wait till tomorrow.

  4. i love spring, though it is the season which is really very challenging for me because of my allergies. wish you well on your fertilization route.

  5. I agree that May is a beautiful time of year, except for the May flies. They start here in mid-April and they are driving everyone insane. Leaves have just started to appear within the past week.

  6. Spring is the most beautiful time of year in Massachusetts and we are about one week away from everything being out. I hope to get some pictures of it, before the trees loose their flowers for the year.

    My allergies always are a problem, but this year, I have been taking a health drink, LIMU PLUS and I am not experiencing the allergy symptoms so far this year.

  7. I'd love to know more about your back-care product. Sounds wonderful! You mentioned the deciduous trees - my little Golden Larch is just now putting out brand-new golden bristles for the year and I'm so excited! Yay for May!! -- Bonnie

  8. We only have wet and dry season here in the Phils ;)

    Seeing your work makes me want to take pictures of my mom's mini garden, although I know this is of no match to your projects *wink* wink*

    Have a great day! :)

  9. Hi Bonnie,

    The product I use for the sore muscles in my back and the arthritis in my knees is called SUNJING and it works great. In about 5-10 minutes the soreness is gone.

    I buy it form a company called Vitamark. The have a lot of healthy all natural products.
    The retail website is and the number to order products is 437058