Thursday, April 16, 2009

Southborough and Framingham Lawn Fertilizing

For the rest of the week I will be going on my fertilizing route in different towns that we have customers in. Today, I will start off in Marlborough, Massachusetts at an Animal Hospital. My route has been reduced quite a bit due to the tough economic conditions we are experiencing here in New England. Customers are cutting back on a lot of landscape expenses this year.

While I am doing the lawn fertilization Rich, is fertilizing the ornamental bushes and trees. He is using Holly Tone, which is an organic, acidic fertilizer, which we apply in the spring and at the end of the season. We have had great success with it, it takes a while for it to work, but the acid loving, ornamental become very health and full.

One of the properties I will be fertilizing today is the boss's, in Southborough, Massachusetts. The picture, on the left is of Rob's backyard which shows a blue stone patio I worked on with Rich a few years ago. Rob has excellent design experience as you can see. I also did the brick patio around his in ground pool, but I will have to show that pic on another blog post.

After we finish in Southborough, we will also be going to Framingham to fertilize the grounds of a commercial building. This will be a long work day for Rich and I, good thing I have my CRAVE energy drink to keep me energized for the afternoon. I am really getting to enjoy having, that much extra energy in the afternoon, with out the jitters, that coffee gives me.


  1. I hope the economy turns around soon, for your business, and all the rest of us. I have never been much on fertilizing my yard, but my husband would probably love it. Have a great day.

  2. It sounds like you are busy, even with the economy. I hope things pick up soon.

    I have a black thumb so I need a landscaper to make my yard beautiful.

  3. What a pretty yard Rob has. I wish mine looked like that.