Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Medfield Condominium, Seeding

Today, I am off to repair the plow damage to a Condominium over in Medfield. I have to use a pick up truck today as the dump trucks are needed for other projects. This creates a problem because the pick up can only handle one yard of loam at a time, good thing Lovell's Nursery is just down the road.

There was quite a bit of damage to the property last winter and it was due to the fact that the ground, had not really frozen hard, before the snow came, so the plows dug up the lawns easily. We ended up using 3 1/2 yards of loam and 50 pounds of seed. this was quite a bit more than last years repair. This was 4 trips to Lovell's for the day, to get loam and some other supplies.

The lady, in who is in charge of the landscape activities at the property, spoke with me about getting a quote, to completely redo 2 of the front lawns, as the owners were in the process of selling them and wanted them to look nice, to attract buyers. This, will be a project for another day.


  1. Landscaping certainly sounds like a very interesting job.

  2. Never worry about snow plow damage here in the south. I love landscaping shows like Curb Appeal. I just wish I had that talent.

  3. Landscaping is a very rewarding job. You get instant gratification from your work, your customers and sometimes..... the boss.