Friday, July 3, 2009

Finish weeding and then off to another weed job

Thursday was a complete wash out and we did not have any work, the sky is just very, very dark and it is raining like crazy, again. Friday, the weather forecast is for the sun to show up, heat up all of this moisture, so we can have thunderstorms this afternoon. Well, we will have a little sunshine today anyway.

We are back at the house of the President of Olin college to finish up the weeding there. Guillerme and I had it all done by 10:30 Am and then it was off to a property in Wellesley to do some more weeding. All of this rain has developed a healthy crop of weeds and once the sun returns there are going to be even more.

At the house in Wellesley, we looked out in the back yard and there was a deer, munching on some green apples that had fallen down from the rain. I was lucky enough to get my camera and get this picture.


  1. you know, you are both a very good landscape artist and photographer. that photo of the flower against the leaves is just awesome, and the deer photo is so lovely too, am glad you showed the landscape with the deer.

  2. I love the deer, they are so graceful and beautiful.