Monday, July 6, 2009

Finish weed Job, Cut down some Ivy and Start a Trim Job

The picture on the left, was taken by Rob, who went up on some scaffolding a few years back when we did a lot of work at this property. I made the blue stone, walkway in the "Rose Garden" at that time. This is the same property that had the deer in it last week. In the upper left hand corner you can see the man made fish pond, that has a water fall, but it is hidden by the Blue Spruce.

Any way's, Guillerme and Wagner came with me today and we had to finish weeding the back part of this property, which took us until around 3 PM.

After, that we went to a property a few streets away ( pictured on the right, which I also did the bluestone patio a few years ago ) and trimmed the ivy from around the doorways and windows. The lady who owns the property was home and explained to me that she dislikes the Ivy and would like to see it all removed but her husband, loves it and even planted some new Ivy when she wasn't looking. So we did our best to make both of them happy and next year, they will have to make a decision on the Ivy staying or going................hmmmmm.........wonder who will win that one?

We finished up the day at another home, where we only had time to hand trim a few bushes. I need a new "Trimming Ladder", to get all of the large Burning Bush on the property and I think this year, Rob will finally allow me to get on. I have only been asking for this ladder for about 3 years.

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