Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Finish the job in Dover and off to a Condo to trim

The flower picture on the left, is a "Lace wing Hydrangea", which I like, more than the "pom-pom type", which most people associate with hydrangeas. To me this it is, a more eloquent, variety.

We finished up the trimming in Dover around 2 PM and headed over to a small Condominium in Medfield, that was close by. We only had time to do some weeding and up branching of the trees on the perimeter of the parking area before we had another very strong thunder storm, which ended our day around 4 PM.

We were lucky we only had thunder, lightening and heavy rains, the other crew was experiencing hail the size of dimes. At on point they had to pull over it, because the hail was coming down so hard. On my way home I drove through that area and it had hailed so much it looked like it had just snowed.

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