Friday, June 5, 2009

Second Lawn Fertilizing Application

Guillerme will be accompanying me on the second round of lawn fertilization this time. I will be training him how to apply the fertilizer and also how to use the back pack sprayers to spray crabgrass, which has just started to grow and also to spray the broad leaf weeds in the lawn area.

This is a good trip around our properties because now I can see the fruits of all of our labor during the spring time. All of the grass seed should have come up in the lawns and the new bushes should be growing along with all of the flowers we planted. I will be making notes and reporting back all that I see to Rob.

This year for some reason we are seeing a lot of "Red Thread" in the lawns and this is an indication of a lack of Nitrogen and also too much moisture being present in the lawn. We have been experiencing a lot of rainy days and also a lot of the days there has been no sunshine to dry out the lawn. I am applying a fertilizer 25-0-5 , with 1% iron which should clear up the problem as far as the nitrogen is concerned but Mother Nature will have to supply the sun and warmth.


  1. hi pete!

    nice blog you have here! best wishes with the fertilizer!

    im a newbie gardener, and i would like to know if you could help me identify some plants i have in my garden. Each plant you identify for me correctly, i will give 100 EC's. If you could try it out at help me with my plants. Thank you.

  2. Marvin,

    sorry but the plants you have are from a part of the world that I am not familiar with. Nice looking flowers that you have in your garden.

  3. it is nice to know that you are seeing now the fruits of your labor. it is also nice reading some gardening tips here in your blog. i can apply it here at home too, though we do not have really a very big backyard, nor do we get a lot of rain :(

  4. What a nifty little machine that is. I can imagine it makes your job much easier.

  5. I am so behind, I haven't even done the first fertilizer.