Monday, June 8, 2009

Fertilization Application Number 2

We have been a very cloudy, damp rainy period here in the New England. I can't remember when we saw the sun the last time. These conditions are showing up in the lawns that we are fertilizing. There is a lot of "red thread" and other signs of dampness and lack of nitrogen. The lawns are looking lifeless and are turning a bit yellow.

Good thing we are doing this application now. I have noticed that the majority of lawns are being mowed at a shorter length than is optimum for the health of the lawn. I have discussed this with Rob and he has asked the mowing crew to raise the cut from now on. We have Northern grass here and it is recommended to cut it at 2 1/2 to 3 inches. If it is cut lower it allows weeds to develop in the lawn and the lawn becomes stressed and turns yellow. The longer length of cut will keep the lawn cool, and there will be a reduction in weeds.

I was also informed by John Deere/LESCO, that the broad leaf weed herbicide we were using is now in the "Restrictive Use" category and we will be trying out a new herbicide for broad leaf weed prevention. I will let you know how it works out.

Today I received my order of Diet Cookies, that I have been taking for the past 3 month's and I was excited about that. I had been out of them for about a week and a half. These cookies are great I have one in the morning and one on my ride home from work and by the time I am home I really have no hunger at all. So far I have lost 9 pounds by using them. I am being very pro-active with my health these days.

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