Thursday, June 4, 2009

Plant, Weed and Trim in Wellesley

Today, Guillerme and Wagner came with me as we had a good size project to take care of in Needham. We had to meet Rob there, as he was going to show us, what had to be done. This is one of the first customers of the company and we take good care of her.

Rob had Guillerme and Wagner dig up 2 bushes which did not make it through the winter and plant 2 new Azalea's in their place. They then weeded the bed and planted ..........perry winkle through out the bed for a ground cover.

I was busy trimming the large "weeping cherry" tree by the front walk. This is a beautiful tree and is the center view point of the front yard. This is all hand trimmed in a mushroom shape. After that I went around and hand trimmed every bush in the front yard except for the Rhody's and Yews. Those will be trimmed again later in the season.

Due to the large amount of weeds this project took us all day to finish. Tomorrow Rich and 2 other guys will be finishing up the project with about 6 yards of red pine bark mulch.

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