Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain again.....

Today the forecast is for rain, so I am going solo, to finish up the route and just put down fertilizer and not spray anything due to the weather. Guillerme is going off with the other guys to help get a lawn sodded before the rain arrives. I only had 3 houses to finish and the one I went to in Holliston, had these very interesting wild flowers, so I stopped to take a picture of the field, in front of the property, I was working on and a close up of these beautiful, wild flowers. Don't know what they are, but they caught my attention.

When I was done, it was raining so I went to Wellesley to look for Rob. When I found him he wanted me to go back to the shop and get the lareger trailor, and go to Framingham and pick up one of the mowers that was "supposed" to be repaired and bring it to another repair guy to get it worked on. Well this turned into a long afternoon. The first mechanic for some reason waas very reluctant to let me have it ( it took me over 1 1/2 hours to get out of there). I did not mention it was going to another repair place. It was then another 45 minutes to get to hte new place and another hour to get bcak to the shop. What an afternoon of driving around in the rain.


  1. sometimes wildflowers can be more beautiful in their simplicity than flowers we plant and work so hard to keep looking beautiful. Very nice picture

  2. Thanks Chris, you are correct, nature always provides us with landscapes, that are more beautiful, than we can create.

    I am enjoying your blog "Living Well Naturally", thanks for sharing,