Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baby Deer sighting......

Guillerme and I were off in pursuit of finishing up the fertilization route today as we had our best day of the week, a "little sunshine". We worked in Holliston, Sherborn and Wellesley. When we were in Holliston we went down the driveway to the property and a young, white tail deer, was in the field having a bite to eat. Guillerme told me to take a picture and I snapped this one before he headed over to the woods on the left. We finished up the day there as we put down 9 bags of fertilizer and about 40 gallons of weed spray. Its a very large lawn area.

At one of the properties I was able to take the other picture which is a Stella Dora day Lilly, which are my favorite flowers this time of year. This one is a light yellow, but my favorite is the ones that have some orange in them, hopefully I will get a chance to take a picture of that variety this coming week.


  1. Oh what a cutie. I do love the deer, just wish they would stay out of the road. We have tons here in Florida, even more than when we lived in NY

  2. What a sweet little deer. My Stella Dora's are just starting to bloom - they're one of my favorites too.

  3. What a nice shot. Your pics are all very nice.