Monday, June 22, 2009

More Rain, this is getting depressing.....

Well it is raining again today, so I went in to the shop first thing this morning to do some maintenance on the PERMAGREEN spreader, it was in desperate need of it, because of it being used for more than 40 hours and it was all done in moist conditions and of course Guillerme, flipped it over twice. No one was at the shop except Rob, and he made the decision that there would be no work for the day. So, it was back to my place to work on my home business. I had some CRAVE energy drink, so I would have plenty of energy. When I got home, I worked for about 8 hours straight, which is a good thing, I needed to get caught up on some Computer work.

So for my pictures for today, I am leaving you with some White Astillbe, Pink Mountain Laurel and a beautiful red/pink/yellow flower.


  1. the white astillbe loos very captivating, it glows by itself. i love rain, but if it rains for several days, or for a week and i won't see sun, i think i would find it depressing too.

  2. The flowers are beautiful though, from all the rain. It is kind of depressing when all it does is rain, and no joyful sun.

  3. We have had a lot of rain here in Colorado this month. If it rains today over a tenth of an inch we will beat the record for the rainiest year for the month of June.