Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Bushes planted in Wellesley

Today it is threatening rain and it is very foggy and very dark almost like it is late in the evening, also very humid. Rich, Guillerme and I are going to the home in Wellesley (next to the turkey house) that we worked at last week and will meet Rob there later in the morning.

Rich and Guillerme went over and removed all of the stumps from the forsythia, that we cut back last week, the homeowners daughter did not like the stumps. While the guys were doing that I went over to a bed, next to the home and dug up about 15 Hosta's, of different varieties and saved them, to be transplanted later.

Rob showed up with about 25 new bushes, trees and flowers for us to plant. that is why I had to remove the Hosta's, so he would have a clean palette to work with when he arrived. The main focal point of the design was a beautiful Red Maple. There were 2 varieties of Astilbe's, 3 Pinxterbloom Rhododendron's and even, 3 "Brunnera named "Mr. Morse", made me laugh as that is my last name.

Once Rob, had it all arranged, we had to wait to plant, because the home owner, has to OK, the design layout. While we were waiting Rich and Guillerme, planted some new Forsythia bushes out in the bed, we just removed the "old" forsythia from. It was now, getting close to lunch, so I sent Rich, back to our shop, to get a load of dark brown mulch, for us to use, after we did our planting.

We finished up the day planting and mulching the property. Rob and I went and looked at next week's project at the same property where we will remove about 40 old Canadian Hemlock's that are growing next to the driveway and replant the area with new Arborvitae's.

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  1. You sure stay busy:-) The photo are beautiful. I like seeing the houses as you do them. Raining here for several days, so hard to get out to work the soil. Have a great Weekend.