Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back to work....more slice seeding

I just had to show the Turkey Mm again, hopefully you can see the 2 chicks beside her, she is sitting on the other 6.

Today, was a very confusing day at work and we are off to a home that I have not visited in more than 7 years. I have been trying to remember what we did on my last visit and can only remember planting bushes, doing a clean up and mulching.

Rich, Guillerme and I went to Wrentham, Massachusetts today to do put some loam down in some low spots in the lawn and also to slice seed (lawn renovation), and airate the whole yard. The family has a large family of young boys and the yard is there playground and is tired and worn out from them playing on it. The lawn is also very compacted from this and rain just runs off of the lawn instead of being absorbed. That is why we are airating it, to open the lawn up for air, water and fertilizer to get into the root system of the grass. The slice seeding will also "dethatch" the lawn as we go along.

We used 160 pounds of lime, 100 pounds of starter fertilizer (18-6-8), 100 pounds of regular fertilizer ( 25-0-5 with 1% iron), 100 pounds of Lovell's New England grass seed and 100 pounds of Lovells Shade grass seed. We use the fertilizer with the iron it to "green up" the existing lawn and give a kick start to the new seed. This took us most of the day to finish, which was a good thing because the rest of the week is calling for rain.


  1. We dont have turkey chicks, but we have two kittens that have adopted our shrubs as their new home. Have a great day.

  2. Sounds like all of the things my lawn needs.