Friday, March 27, 2009

Wellesley Hills, Spring Clean up

Today, we went to another property to do a "spring cleanup", This time the home is located in Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts. This is another beautiful, older property and landscape, complete with waterfall and fish pond in the back yard.

The owner has been rehabbing the home and property for the last 4 years. We did a lot of renovation to the property, as can bee seen in the picture of the "Rose Garden". We relandscaped almost the entire yard two years ago.

This is a large cleanup and it will take me and the two guys with me 2 days to complete. We will use backpacks to blow off the debris on the lawn area, that comes down during the winter months, rake out the mulched beds, trim away and broken limbs on the ornamental bushes and trees and edge the same beds. We are getting it ready to be mulched at a later time, about 2-3 weeks from now.

The owner had wanted us to come over early, because the town plows had taken a large chunk of her front lawn away during the winter. We raked it up and swept up the stuff out in the raod and will come back in a few weeks when things have warmed up a bit to put down some loam and to re-seed that area.

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