Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Cleanup's begin.

I went with the two guy's who work with me to do a "Spring Cleanup" at a house in Needham, Massachusetts. This is one of Rob's first customers, so we pay, special attention to this property. I love working on these "old landscapes", they have so much character.

She had asked us to come over to work on her property early, because she wanted the sand, that was put down on her driveway, during the snowy winter months cleanup up, from her driveway. she is fussy about things. We also took down the "Deer Fence" that we put up in the fall around her Rhody's, Holly Bushes, Yews and what ever ornamental's the deer just love to eat and destroy during the winter. Unfortunately the fence had fallen over in one area and the deer got in and devoured some bushes, they will come back in time, with some TLC.

There are some really large trees out in her back yard. These are referred to as "Wolf Trees", due to them being planted out in the open backyard, with plenty of room to grow, and with plenty of sun. These trees have branches, that as large as most trees main trunk. Just beautiful to look at. Her property, was once part of a large property that was owned by a very wealthy business man, William Baker, who manufactured sewing machine's in Boston. He was quite a character, and on her property there is the remains of an old foundation that used to be a large barn that held exotic animals.

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