Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 2 of the cleanup

Usually, I have a guy named Rich, work with me everyday, but today Rob, needed him to work on the other crew, who is cleaning up sand in the parking lot of a Commercial Property in Natick, Massachusetts. This is alright, because most of the guys we have are interchangeable. We are fortunate to have had the same crew members working at the company for the last 4-5 seasons, and they have all been trained in the same way.
This is a big blessing that we do not have to be training new people every year.

We came back to the property in the picture and continued with the clean up, this time we worked in the back yard. There were 6 deer in the back yard and we went to get a close up look at them. They were not afraid of us in anyway, in fact as we left to return to work they started to follow us. We did the same work out back cleaning off the lawn area, raking out he beds and edgeing them. We also have to rake out the fish pond every time we work there. The leaves collect, in the pond, which creates algae, which has an oder and the pond is not clear. A pair of Mallard ducks is enjoying it this early spring. Usually one of the guys has to put on "hip wadder boots" and climb into the pond to fake out the middle of the pond, but we could not locate the "wadders" this time.

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