Thursday, September 3, 2009

What a wicked "web"

Fabio, Guillerme and I went to this home in Wellesley to continue weeding and fluffing up properties. We all were working on the rock garden in the front of the house and I noticed this beautiful, very symmetrical spiders web. I had to hide under one bush to take the picture because the sun was shinning in the wrong direction to get a head on shot.

Another sign that fall is quickly coming, was the apple tree's out back had nice red Macintosh apples ready to pick and eat. I think the guys had an apple each time they passed the tree. They left quite a few on the ground for the deer that frequent the back yard. If the guys did not eat them they would have gone to waste and that would have been a shame.

Some of the bushes that had been planted early in the spring had died and rob went to Lovell's nursery to get replacements. It appears that the irrigation system has been shut off for some reason. the owner was not home so we did not have access to the control panel for the irrigation system to check out what was going on. We finished up at 5 PM and headed back to the shop.


  1. It always amazes me how these spiders can weave their webs so fast and some take them down just to do it again the next evening. wonderful photo.

  2. Auntie E,

    I enjoy watching the work of spiders, but I do not enjoy them when they come to visit me where I live.

    I am just amazed at how a small insect can engineer a web and how symetrical it is.