Friday, September 4, 2009

Clean up and Mulch for a Wedding Reception

We had to go over to this home in Dover Massachusetts because one of the son's is getting married and the property needed to be cleaned up for the wedding reception that is going to be held there. the work was a lot more than Rob anticipated for some reason. He thought it could all be weeded, re-edged and mulched all in one day with a 3 man crew. I explained to Rob, that it was a 2 day job for a 3 man crew and that it was going to be about 20 yards of mulch.

It is a beautiful property, that is kinda like a peninsula and is surrounded by the infamous Charles River. (you all remember that song) It is large about 6 acres and it has some large beds that needed to be weeded before we could start mulching.

Here again, we had to dead head flowers, cut off the flower shoots on the hosta's and remove yellow leaves from the Lilly's. Guillerme and I worked on just weeding from 8 AM to 5:15 PM. Rich who came with us went and got some mulch after lunch and mulched some of the beds for the afternoon by himself. We are using a brown pine mulch and it will look very nice around all of the flowers and shrubs when we are done on Tuesday. I will have to get some better pictures to show the size of the property. I will do another post next week when we have finished this up.

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