Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Neighbors house

Today we are the property right next door to the one we were working on for 2 days that I posted about yesterday. I really enjoy both of these properties because the owners are very , very nice people, they love their yards and the nature that is found in them. they always look great when we have finished and that takes a lot of time. We will be here for a day and a half.

Before we started working I gave the neighbor some SUNJING, because the day before he told me he was having a therapist come over to help him work out some soreness he was experiencing. When I was talking to him the owner of the property we were working on came out to talk to us and she showed us how she had twisted her ankle. she had gone on a trip to Brazil and on the return flight dropped her bag on her foot, so I gave her a bottle of SUNJING to rub on the soreness.

I only had Guillerme with me tody and it was another hot one, so we worked on the rock garden out front early in the morning to avoid the mid day sum and heat. After that we stayed on the perimeter beds which for the most part are in the shade.

As I was working at hand clipping the holly bushes the homeowner drove into the driveway and rolled down the window and said "wow, what is that stuff it reeally works great", so I gave her my card with the website on it so she could buy some. It is great stuff for sore muscles.

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