Monday, August 3, 2009

Large Trin job in Wellesley

Today I was with Guillerme and Fabio, at a large property in Wellesley to trim up the bushes, weed every where and a few odd projects here and there. We are under pressure though to be finished up by the end of the day tomorrow. The owner is expecting some VIP's as he says, his children and grandchildren are coming for a visit. This is the same property that had the mother turkey in the springtime that I wrote a post about.

Monday we will have the front yard finished, even though this is one of the few days we are having this summer that is in the 90's and very, very humid. After we went around and weeded all of the beds both Guillerme and Fabio got the power shears and sheared up all of the bushes. This is one of the few properties around that still has a lot of yews to trim. Newer landscapes have moved away from that style of bush. We went till 5 pm and then it was time to go back to the shop, it was a hot day for the guys.

Tuesday was another hot and humid day. We were off to the back yard and the owner pointed out a mother robin that had made a nest in a bush, and told us to skip it for now. Later in the day I was trimming a tall weeping cherry and kept seeing a cardinal flying by and then I began to hear the cardinal chirping and I looked up and saw the nest. Another tree that will not be completed until after the babies have left the nest. We still have about 3/4 of a day's work to do here but it will have to be after the VIPs leave.

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