Thursday, October 8, 2009

Helping out the mowing Crew

Due to some upcoming rain for the next 2 days I had to take Fabio and Guillerme out on a mowing route to help out the other crew. We had to get the complete route done for the week today so both crews were in action.

Fabio is on the Stander 52 inch mower while Guillerme is using the weed whacker to do some late season trimming. The season is winding down and there is not that much left to weed whack but we want the walks and driveways to look nice and neat.

The pictures are of a property in Southborough, that is in direct sun for most of the day and the lawn just keeps growing like crazy. Luckily Fabio gets it done with one pass of the mower, usually it takes 2 passes.

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