Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Getting Babson ready for the start of the year

We went to Babson College today to continue with the weeding of area's that had been neglected during the year so the college would look its best when the fall semester begins this weekend.

Guillerme, Fabio, Ceillo, Rob and I went from building to building weeding and cleaning up the areas close to the buildings and parking lot areas.

Some of the kids had already arrived and you could feel the buzz starting to grow on campus. It is fun being here although it is very warm and humid this week.

The picture is of the entrance with the "mums" that were planted last year. The nurseries and store's seem to get the mums in earlier and earlier every year. We remove annuals that were planted in the spring and can not tolerate the colder temperature that will be arriving soon and plant mums, which are hardier.

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