Friday, July 17, 2009

Needham trim job

Today Wagner decided he would come and join us at work today and we all went to a property in Needham. The picture in the upper left is of the home. The other 2 pictures are of some blue hydrangea's, that the owner takes good care off with a application of Holly Tone every week. This year the flowers are just brilliant and very large compared to the others we see as we drive around.

This trim project takes all day even though it is a small property, which surprised Guillerme, who thought we would be done early. There is a lot of hand clipping that has to be done. The owner just loves his yard and plants ornamental bushes were ever he can, he is really "into"his landscape. He is also a very nice guy and always wants to give us water and best of all, he is always walking by complimenting the guys on the great job they are doing. He really appreciates our work.


  1. The purple flowers are lovely, I believe they are hydrangeas. Mine don't look like that. They seem to do better up North, than here in the South

  2. I really love the Hydrangeas, that is one flower the colors make me smile. I think the colors can change according to the soil acidity. The purple color is my favorite. I use to have a plant however to flower would only go from white to pink. My soil just isn't good enough to get the Purple ones.