Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Ready Fro Fall

It appears that Fall is coming to us early this year. For the past month the trees have had a very yellow, dull, lifeless appearance and just look like they will be coming down early.

Because of the very wet spring season we had this year there is a "bumper crop" of pine cones and acorns. I have never seen acorns this large before.

Soon we will be removing the leaves from the lawn area's of most of our properties, the leaves in the beds can stay until final cleanup, if we make it that far into the season. It is important that there are no leaves on the lawn as this will kill the lawn area over the winter.

Guillerme and I will be spending a couple of days at the shop getting our dump trucks ready for the leaf vac's. We will be extending the height of the dump truck beds, in order for us to put a lot of leaves into them. It will take us about 6 hours per truck and after that we will do oil changes and tune up the 2 leaf vac's we have.
( which do not weigh that much )

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