Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Replace Bushes - Weed & Mulch

Today I went with Guillerme to a property in Holliston to remove a Magnolia tree that had been devastated by Scale and replace it with a new yellow Cyprus.

When we got there and looked at the tree which we had sprayed in the spring, the branches were all black. The surrounding bushes, flowers and even the air conditioning unit all had the same black stuff on them. I did not even want to touch the branches with bare hands.

After we removed and planted that one we went into the back yard and removed 2 hydrangea trees that just did not fit in the small area that they were planted in. We replaced them with 2 small cone shaped Ilex.

After that Guillerme and I weeded the entire property. I went to Framingham to dump the material we had collected from the tree removal and then went back to the shop where we had enough red pine bark mulch to use around the new plantings, about one yard. We have a skid steer that we use for construction projects and it was available that day for me to load the truck.
We finished up around 5 PM and headed back to the shop.

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