Thursday, March 19, 2009

Health Care Mess in Massachusetts

Well today, I have to vent about health care in Massachusetts. I have to go to the Doctor and I was sent a letter saying my coverage was not enough, so I would have make a co-payment of $250.00, I grumbled but accepted that and was going to pay the day of my visit. This morning my health care provider calls and says there is a mistake and it will cost me $2000.00.

Well, this mad me really mad, so I told the guy on the phone, to cancell my appointment and hung up. He called back later and told me to not hang up this time, and that he would "wave" the $2000 fee, becuase of the mistake.

In Massachusetts, we are required to have health care insurance by law. This is all thanks to our former Govenor Mitt Romney, you all know him as the guy who ran for president last year. Well he made a complete mess out of the health care system here in Massachusetts, so he could promote this as he was campaigning. Now, that it is a mess, he doesn't even live here anymore. The problem is that Health Care, in the whole country, is in a complete mess because of politicians and the Health Insurance Industry (lobbyist's) and it is only going to get worse.

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